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"Today, many people in the Afrikan American community in the United States of America (AUSA) are searching for a place that cares about them and appreciates them for who they are and whose they are. A place that welcomes them as they are and helps them grow both mentally and spiritually. In other words, they are looking for a place where Love is Real, applied Knowledge is Power, and Truth is The Way. We invite you to come join us, to see and to experience the presence of God, in an environment where our Afrikan American Culture and our Afrikan Ancestors are uplifted and honored. KRST Universal Temple is a place where God and the Ancestors are given the praise and the Glory."

- Baba Derrick Jackson, Temple Pastor

KRST Universal Temple was founded May 2000. That year a group of Afrikan Americans responded to the call of the Almighty and Great Eternal God to move out on faith and to exercise control over our own spiritual, economic, social, and cultural destiny. With the help of the Ancestors who rejoiced at our courage to move out, we were able to a create space where Love, Knowledge (Both Spiritual and Mental) and Truth are practiced and delivered a place where we continue to move forward in fulfilling our destiny as God’s first born.

"We are a Temple that has the courage to be different
and to allow that difference to make a difference."

Logo design: The temple logo was designed by Shevohn Floyd as a young child at the temple and Baba Sietu Amenwahsu. (Copyrighted and Trademarked)

Temple Logo Symbology:

  • Ma'atian feathers - truth, justice, righteousness, harmony, balance, order, propriety and reciprocity
  • Ankh - represents the balance of the masculine and feminine principles in the creation of life
  • Eye of Heru - ancient Kemetic symbol representing the God of Light
  • Triangle - represents the pyramids of ancient Egypt
  • Colors - black, the presence of all colors and the colors of the rainbow
  • Circle - 360 degrees; the circle of life

Sacred Text
The sacred text used by the temple is The Husia. The Husia is a collection of "Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt." These sacred writings were selected and retranslated by professor, activist and author Maulana Karenga. 

The Husia

Our Way

KRST Universal Temple is not just a sanctuary, but a family where people of Afrikan ancestry can come and manifest their higher selves through self-realization or being able to reach the power and passion of one’s God-given potential. Here at this Temple we create the spaces where your God-given potential is nurtured, nourished, provided for and protected.

KRST Universal Temple is an Afrikan centered faith based organization created to help individuals, families and communities to achieve their full spiritual, economic, social and educational potential. We are a part of a living process that believes in “Dynamic Cultural and Spiritual Empowerment.” Temple members are committed to the preservation of Spiritual enlightenment, education and dissemination of information concerning our Afrikan ancestry. This is promoted through the teachings of the oneness of God as we follow the Ma’atian Way (The Way of Truth).

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