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Temple study group

The temple study group is held according to Baba Derrick's schedule. Please check the temple calendar for changes and updates to the times. 

Currently, the study group is being held every 2nd and 4th Thursday from 7-9 p.m.

Website Login
We are using the video web conferencing app ZOOM to hold the study groups online. Follow the steps below to get connected to ZOOM and the study group. 

  1. Step #1: Download the ZOOM app to your computer or smartphone. Click here to download or go to Then follow the steps to set up an account. 

  2. Step #2: Now that the ZOOM app has been downloaded you MUST contact the Temple at to get activated for the Study Group.

  3. Note: This is a video conferencing session, but having a webcam is not required. You will still be able to talk and respond as everyone else via audio. You will just not have any streaming video. 

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