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Saturday, July 26, 2014 12:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

“The grasshopper that sleeps forgetfully wakes up in the mouth of a lizard” Igbo
By: Joe Benton

Many times as I ponder the object lessons of our ancient ancestors, I often go back and read the words of wisdom that comes from them. Too often we have played the role of the forgetful grasshopper in this society. We have slept, forgotten; Maat and our Cardinal Principles of righteous behavior and the lizards continue to devour us.

KRST Temple, if nothing else, should be that place where the foolishness of common philosophy, the teachings of the ridiculous and beliefs systems which have lulled us to sleep, should be vanquished from the thinking and doing of our members. What right thinking person, who lives in the “Bible Belt and Buckle”, the south and Midwest for those who did not know, could adhere to a belief system that does not provide a means for us to rise from the bottom, yet dooms us to the tyranny of violence, both inside and outside of our community.

Where is the “Prince of Peace” when we need him? Our lizards, believe that we are beast and only worthy of being devoured or if left to our own devices will devour ourselves. If it were not so, it would not be happening.

What then will wake us up? The continual dialog of the Truth is our wake up call. Our people must know, that we are loveable and loving people. That is part of the Truth that KRST Temple must continually press. Based upon our history and culture, we should be the people that others copy. They should copy us for our fairness, righteousness and reciprocal living. We should exude love of ourselves; for a loving people do not kill himself or herself or others. They do not rob from others and especially those who look like self. No right thinking, loving people would want to do more than share their love and kindness and especially with those who truly love them in return.

If I love myself and give that love away to others; and they love me in return, that is the way of reciprocity and lives up to the natural order of Maat. Then I will remember and will keep a watchful eye for the lizards that go against that order or win them over to my ways. Hotep

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