An Open Letter From the Pastor

Thursday, September 15, 2016 12:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

An Open Letter From the Pastor: The Gospel According To Ancient Kemet: The Ma'atian Way

Today, in my conversation with the Temple I want to discuss "The Importance of Ma'at." Ma'at is the persistent, unyielding, and unrelenting evidence that history does have meaning. Therefore each of us has importance, weight, and magnitude precisely insofar as we are part of a story, an extraordinary and impeccable story of a people dedicated to certain ideas and ideals. We are not free-floating atoms in infinite space. We are letters and figures on the papyrus scroll our sacred language is written on.

We have been on a journey that begun in the distant past and has continued by every successive generation. This journey began with the first man and woman who stood up at the foothills of the mountains of the moon known as Kilimanjaro. A journey that was conceived and conceptualized in the heart of the Creator of the universe. The essence of our relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth is Ma'at which means truth, justice, and righteousness. We must become dedicated and be convicted by our narrative in order to honor our past generations and leave a legacy to our yet unborn.

We must come to love the wisdom and teachings of our Ancestors found in the Husia our sacred text. It is in this sacred text we find the origins of our relationship with the Creator. We should stand when it passes as if it was the Pharaoh him/herself. We should dance with it as if we are newlyweds. If it is defiled or destroyed, we must bury it as if it were a relative or friend. We should study it endlessly as if in it were hidden all the treasures of our being.

The Husia is our portable homeland for those who live in the Diaspora. We must find our heart and soul in the wisdom texts of our most ancient ancestors.

"We must see our life as though it were a letter of the alphabet. A letter on its own has no meaning, yet when letters are joined to others letters they make a word, words combine with other words to make a sentence, sentences connect to other sentences to make a paragraph, and paragraphs join to other paragraphs to tell a story, our story."

Ma'at represents our identity not as fact but as a value, not as the story of a distant past but as a duty to the future. We must control our narrative by controlling the conversation around who are we.

Our narrative must answer 4 questions:

  • How does where I come from tell me who am I called to become?
  • Who are my ancestors?
  • What is my purpose? (Incarnate Objective - My reason for Being)
  • What is my Destiny? (Direction)

Any religious groups, spiritual groups, or organizations we belong to must define themselves based on answering these 4 questions. We must have the narrative tell our story the story of the Afrikan Family. We must state clearly and precisely that this is what we value in our family and embrace it as valuable. Let no one speak about what's wrong with Afrikan men, women, or children. We must carry the narrative, "What's right with the Afrikan Family."

Our ancestors are waiting on us to pick up the mantle and move forward with that which they have left us. We can no longer afford to wait until others catch up to what we are saying and doing.

I leave you with this question: Now that you know, what are you going to do? History and Heaven are waiting on our answer. Ase!!!

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